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Brenda Christensen

Position/Title: Grad student
Office: ANNU 043

I completed my undergraduate degree in 2019 in Animal Biology honours program at the University of Guelph. I have always enjoyed working with animals, and throughout my undergraduate degree I gained experience with veterinary professionals in clinics and on farms. In my third year I began to grow increasingly fascinated with the integration of nutrition and physiology in livestock agriculture. Following my third year I pursued my interest in research by accepting an undergraduate research assistant position investigating swine nutrition with Dr. Lee-Anne Huber. I continued in Dr. Huber’s lab assisting with Victoria Stewart's, Lauren Hansen's and Nicole Gregory's masters projects throughout my fourth year gaining more hands on experiance.


I am currently initiating my masters thesis research under the supervision of Dr. Huber in Swine Nutrition. I am looking at how a milk replacer diet provided to piglets while nursing, in a liquid or pelleted form compares to piglets provided a commercial creep feed or no creep feed at all. The objective of this study is to determine if piglets receiving a higher quality creep feed, and in what form, will have a more robust digestive and immune system. This will allow them to have an improved ability to utilize a cheaper, less digestible diet post-weaning and still obtain similar growth rates to pigs fed a more expensive commercial diet.